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As If: 1x10

110 (Sooz's POV)

Rob suggests that Nicki and Sasha take Sooz out to the nightclub they are going when he can’t make it, but the girls aren’t too sure. Sooz decides to go because it’s a really good club, and the girls head off for a night out. Jamie meets Gabi on the street and Al starts to drink to forget Dan. The girls go to the night club and Sasha leaves the other two there to go home for Rob. Nicki is trying to stay “men-free” and who else could help her but Sooz, the men repellent? But Sooz is trying to forget Rob now that he’s back with Sasha, and flirts with a guy after taking lessons from Nicki and Sasha. Nicki gets in the way, but luckily Sooz runs into the guy again. They go over to her place, but she is unable to do anything serious with him because she’s not up for just sex, especially seeing as she’s still a virgin. She kicks him out, and he insults her. Sooz curls up in her bed, upset and leaves an upset voice message on Jamie’s phone as he’s asleep.

Feb. 02, 2001

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