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As If: 1x14

114 (Alex's Birthday)

Everyone tries to cheer up Alex as he’s depressed over Dan, but nothing seems to work. Nonetheless, the group plan a surprise party for his 18th Birthday at the H20 club. Jamie calls Dan asking him to show up. Dan is doubtful at first and asks if Al is seeing anyone and Jamie assures him he’s not. But Jamie didn’t count on Alex meeting a guy playing darts. At the party, Alex is ecstatic to see that his beloved Dan is there, and Jamie desperately tries to keep Jeff away from Al. He even comes on to Jeff, who is shocked to learn that Alex is gay. He tells him that he only wanted to play darts and that his boyfriend came on to him, and Dan thinks Alex is lying again. Alex tells Jamie that he actually bought Jeff to set him up with Sooz. Meanwhile Sooz is busy getting drunk to deal with her depression over Rob, and Rob is worried she’ll spill the beans over their kiss to Sooz. Dan almost leaves, but stops when Chris confronts him over some money he owes. Dan offers to help Alex, and Alex accepts, even though Dan only wants to be friends with him.

Feb. 08, 2001

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