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As If: 1x15

115 (Sooz's POV)

Sooz locks herself out of her house and the only one she can go for help is Nicki. Dressed in her cheerful clothes, Sooz meets Jamie at the café, and Sasha makes fun of her. Jamie realises how down and depressed Sooz is and tries to be her friend. Tired of being ridiculed by Sasha, Sooz says out loud she and Rob kissed. Sasha breaks up with Rob, and Sooz sees an opportunity for the two finally be together. But Rob loves Sasha too much and asks Sooz to tell her that their kiss only showed him how much he loves his girlfriend. Extremely hurt, Sooz looks for a friendly shoulder in Al, who’s busy with Dan, and Jamie, who makes fun of her poems. She storms out of Jamie’s, and he worries she may do something stupid. At the tube train station, Sooz stands on the edge of the platform, prepared to jump but at the last minute, steps back. Jamie finds her and is releaved to find that she is OK.

Feb. 09, 2001

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